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At Pine Coast Culture Company, we care about more than just slinging products and managing employees! Instead, we strive to create a stimulating, fulfilling environment that ensures that our team is challenged and content. In the same way that we believe the human body is designed to heal itself - if given the proper support - we believe that every employee has the innate ability to level up and grow if presented with the right opportunities.

Creating all natural products in small batches isn't always the easiest way to do things; however, if you believe (like we do) that it's the right way, Pine Coast just might be the perfect place for you. Along the way, you'll have the opportunity to experience some truly awesome perks, including:

  • A cup of kombucha a day (to keep the doctor away)

  • Help to develop and launch new sustainability initiatives

  • The opportunity to pitch and carry out your own fermentation experiments

  • A chance to work in multiple areas of the business - interacting with customers at the cafe, fresh air at farmer's markets, brewing and bottling kombucha, and whatever else might come down the road.

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