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Pine Coast Culture Co. was founded by Connie and Chris - a mother/son team with a who stumbled upon the same vision of healing and energizing their customers with consciously-created wellness products.

Connie's desire to start Pine Coast stemmed from her background as a lifelong herbalist and entrepreneur. When she was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at the age of 30, Connie became deeply interested in natural foods. Even more importantly, she recognized the impact that our intentions have our health, and the health of those around us. Whether it's cooking a meal with love or treating a colleague with kindness, Connie joyfully shares the belief that, given the right conditions, our bodies carry the innate wisdom to heal themselves.

Chris's path to Pine Coast was seeded in his youth as a result of Connie's pioneering worldview; however, his determination to bring the mission to the masses

Chris grew up at the Jersey Shore, developing a deep love for the unique backdrop of the Pine Barrens and the Atlantic coast. In his mid-20's, Chris started running ultra-distance adventure races. During his races, he became keenly aware of how sensitive the human body is to the quality of food that it's being given - both in what it contains and the intentions with which it was produced. 

Paired with a background in Product Development, a deep love of his mother, and the desire to bring more good into the world - Chris and his partner Jenny moved back to the Pine Barrens to build Pine Coast.

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