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The Original Cold Brewcha

At Pine Coast, one of our breakthrough creations was Cold Brewcha - a beverage that perfectly marries our wood-roasted coffee beans with the healing properties of a perfectly crafted kombucha.

The idea for Cold Brewcha began with a simple observation: many of Chris's co-workers would go out to a coffee shop in the middle of the day to grab their daily iced coffee and kombucha. The idea that we all crave energy and restoration already seemed to be out in the universe; we just had to find a way to combine them into a single reality.

Through trial-and-error, we developed a special process for culturing our coffee, gently brewing fresh-ground beans in the legendary water of the Pine Barrens, before initiating a 2-stage fermentation process.

When you taste it for the first time, we think you'll understand the magic.

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