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Wood Fired Coffee

Pine Coast is one of the few roasters in the country employing the ancient craft of wood-roasting their beans. In lieu of gigantic roasting machinery, we utilize a custom fabricated wood oven to carefully roast small-batches of some of the best beans in the world.

For those unfamiliar with wood-roasted coffee, there's simply some magic that occurs in the process. It eliminates shortcuts and forces the roaster to employ the utmost care with his craft. The slower roasting profile also provides a steadier roast, extracting more sweetness from the beans. Perhaps most of all, there's something that's simply awesome about beans that were turned by hand over a crackling fire.

Don't believe there's a difference? Swing by our shop on the weekends to get a taste of our beans in action. Still curious? Sign up for a demonstration in our Roasting Works.

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